Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

My Achievements That Have Made Me So Extraordinary

Hi, reader.
I am Fudhail, the 'extraordinary' boy.
Perhaps you are still confused and read again and again every thing about me and you have a question on your mind."What has made this boy so 'extraordinary'?

Now I want to talk about my achievements that I got last time or if you are still confused, you can read my "Fudhail, An Extraordinary Boy From Batavia," book. 

(This was my picture while I got the second winner as the traditional model at Kartini's Day)

This trophy was from "Lenong Bocah Competition"

                   (Me, using white shirt with
                   my "Lenong Bocah trophy)

That's about my achievements, you can see the others at my book "Fudhail, An Extraordinary Boy From Batavia." So? Don't wait for anything. Just get the book at for USA citizens or others but for Indonesians, you can contact the writer at the contact person numbers above.

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