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All About Fudhail, An Extraordinary Boy From Batavia

Hi, every body,
Perhaps you are confused about "Fudhail, The Extraordinary Boy From Batavia." 
It is a biography book about a shy boy. Who is he? Is he real? Where is he now?
He is real. Now he is almost seventeen years old. What makes him so special, so the writer and also his mom has written this book?
Fudhail is a shy boy. He just wanted to do every thing with his parents beside him. Can you imagine how hard his parents always lead him to do every activity?
What did his parents do to make their son so 'extraordinary'?
1. They put him into the 'best sanggar' which is called 'Sanggar Ananda.'  There, he studied                     about "Lenong Bocah." 

Operette "Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih"

                       become a model

                           become a dancer

 2. They brought him to study guitar at "Purwacaraka Music Studio."
      and now he can be a guitarist at some 
      places, such as

                "YARSI Prompt Night of 2007"
         at Milad of Junior High School of 75

Not only that, in the book you can find many other pictures about 'the extraordinary' boy, Fudhail.  The book is in English, but don't worry for those who are not using English as their mother language, you can still read that. The writer uses the simple English language. So, don't miss to have this book.

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