Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

Come and Get The Book Now

Hi, dear readers,
Let's talk about the new book. The title is "Fudhail, An Extraordinary Boy From Batavia. 
Do you know where Batavia is? If you are from Indonesia, no wonder you know well about Batavia. If you are outside of Indonesia, you wonder where it is. 
        Here is Jakarta Barat (the purple area)

Fudhail, the main character of this story was born at Jakarta Barat. 

Perhaps, you want to know what makes the book 'so extraordinary'.
Fudhail is just an ordinary boy, He was born at October 28, 1995 at PELNI hospital. For the first time he came into this world, every body thought there was  nothing special at that time. 

But day by day, his parents realized that they had to do something to make him so 'extraordinary.' What have they done? Just buy the book at www.amazon.com for USA citizens or for Indonesians you can order to the writer with special price. Look at the contact person. Get the book now!!!

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