Kamis, 27 Juni 2013

Crew 'Fudhail Bercerita' interviewed the Writer of 'Bahan Hajar Koas Racun,' dr. Andreas Kurniawan

Last June 25, 2013, the creative crews of 'Fudhail Bercerita' and the host 'Fudhail the puppet' with his friend 'Nirmala' interviewed a writer of a book 'Bahan Ajar Koas Racun,' dr. Andreas Kuniawan. It is so extraordinary work, while he is busy with his clinic and his activities as a medical doctor, he still has time to write about 'young medical' stuffs. It is not easy, but he has done. Not only that, he has made the second book of it. It is so 'extraordinary.' That's why the creative teams visited him and did the interviewed at Mall Artha Gading. Watch the episode about that next at 'Fudhail Bercerita' episode 2 (coming soon).

                             (Fudhail 'the host' and his friend 'Nirmala' with dr. Andreas Kuniawan)

        (Creative Crew of 'Fudhail Bercerita asked for booksigning to dr. Andreas Kuniawan)

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