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Fudhail, The Extraordinary Boy

Hi, welcome to this blog.
I am the author of my book, "Fudhail, An Extraordinary Boy From Batavia. My name is Linda Purnamasari. This is the first time for me to write a book in English at USA. I made this book printed by amazon.com. It is a big challenge for me to struggle for promoting my book around USA and my country, Indonesia and also around the world. By the way this is my book:
My book consists of 9 chapters. Actually this is an inspiring story about taking care of  a child. 
 What made this book so special and extraordinary?
 Fudhail, is a shy boy. Who ever thought that he can be so 'extraordinary'. 

 He has led his band while he was 12 years old and played it in front of the college students,

 he also joined the acoustic festival at the university together with medical students, still at the age of 12 years at the acoustic event,  

 he could be a 'lenong bocah' actor and got the best achievements for his roles, 
he could be a real princess at the operette 'Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih,' and you can also find many 'extraordinary things' that Fudhail did. Just order the book now at www.amazon.com (USA) or in Indonesia, you can order the writer at 085813838279. This is a book which consists of many colorful pictures. Believe in me that you will never lose your money to buy it. So? Act now!

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