Senin, 18 Juni 2012


This story was a true story about a cute boy. He is so shy and not talk active. At school, he is so silent and passive. Sometimes his friends are naughty to him but he just keeps silent. So, his parents are depressed of his behavior. They put him in all extracurricular activities to make him speak up. First time, they couldn’t work, but when he got a scholarship to take an extracurricular lesson at Sanggar Ananda, (The name of an art studio where some talents are taught to be good multi talent actors in Batavia, or Jakarta). One of the activities is  “Ngelenong.” A lenong is a kind of a traditional role play from Batavia. It uses a special language. It calls “Betawi language.” Every certain time, the group has a “Lenong Competition.”  The result is so bright. He won the competition for three times. It made him one of the second players from his “Lenong Bocah Group,” which is led by a former actor in his time, Aditya Gumay. Not only that, when this art studio needs some boys to be dancer, this boy has been put in the show. Besides, because of his patient mother who always fights against him to do his best, now he is a guitarist. He has been a guitarist since he was an Elementary student. Now he can manage his bands to be the winner of the band competition at his Junior High School. 
If you want to know more about the story, just get the book now at (USA) or in Ind you can contact the writer.

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